Best Ways to Use a Table Saw Safely

table saw safety

Anyone who’s into woodworking or carpentry knows how essential a table saw is for their projects. Also, they are aware that any tool with a blade can be extremely dangerous when not handled properly. As such, it’s imperative to understand the tools or machinery you’re using, and that you take all the proper safety precautions … Read more

What is a Compound Mitre Saw?

miter saw image

So What is a Compound Mitre Saw? A mitre saw is a circular saw that’s mounted to a frame and fixed to a rotating cutting table and used for making cuts across the grain of timber. It may have a slide action, which allows cuts on much wider boards. Power mitre saws are of several … Read more

The Ultimate Chainsaw Safety Guide for 2020

chainsaw safety guide 2019

Chainsaws are extremely powerful tools and should be taken seriously when using them. We’ve created this chainsaw safety guide to hopefully provide you with the correct information so you can use this tools safely. These tools are undoubtedly dangerous as their capability to saw tree trunks in half makes them capable of rendering an enormous … Read more

Tips To Insulate Your Home And Reduce Heating Costs

Reduce Heating Costs

As energy costs continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly important to properly insulate your home to reduce heating costs. Not only is it going to help you save a significant amount of money, but not properly insulating your home can make your heating and cooling system work much harder than it has to. Thus, … Read more

Tips For Maintaining & Cleaning Your Power Tools

cleaning your power tools

Power tools can be extremely expensive so it’s imperative you clean and maintain them correctly, well looked after tools and power tools can last a lifetime. We created this guide to help you make the most of your tools and hopefully give you enough advice to help you look after your tools for years to … Read more

Tips For Looking After A Newly Laid Lawn

new lawn tips and advice

A newly laid lawn can look amazing, but you might be wondering how you can ensure that it continues to look stunning. Not looking after your newly laid lawn correctly can result in it becoming run down and rather unhappy. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use to look after your … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Circular Saw Safety

circular saw safety tips

While a table saw is statistically the most dangerous saw to use and will cause the most injuries, a circular saw can be just as dangerous. In fact, when it comes to handheld woodworking tools, the circular saw will be the most dangerous. If you are going to be using a circular saw, you need … Read more