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While the electric cordless chainsaws may be the cheaper option when compared to their petrol-powered counterparts, they are the ideal combination of power, efficiency, and price for most homeowners.

Powerful machines used by loggers to chop down trees; that is the general view that people have about chainsaws. As such, it is less common for people to consider such a machine an essential tool to have in the home. Homeowners with a large yard that has several trees and an established hedge can benefit from owning a chainsaw.

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With such a tool, you have a simple and effective way of dealing with the heavy-duty pruning jobs and a quick means of dealing with the unwanted overgrowth on your trees and hedges. While a petrol-powered chainsaw can fit the bill, the electric models are an ideal choice for the light jobs around the home that require such a tool.

This guide delves into some of the critical things to consider when buying an electric chainsaw. It will touch on the features of the equipment and the essential elements that should govern your choice.

 Chain Saw Features to Look For

• Chain Brake
The chain brake is ideally installed to ensure there is a quick stop of the chainsaw in the event of a sudden impact thus reducing the risk of injury when operating the machine.

Reduced Kickback Chain

A kickback is not an uncommon reaction that occurs when operation chainsaws. However, a kickback can be dangerous especially if you are new to chainsaws and you are handling one for the first time. As such, manufacturers tend to include a reduced kickback chain to help minimise the risk of injury.

Anti-Vibration Features

If you are sure that you will be using the chainsaw for a while, then you should consider picking one that is easy to control. The harder it is to control the chainsaw when operating it, the more difficult it will be to use the machine. With the anti-vibration features, it is possible to keep the electric chainsaw steady.


Most chainsaws generate a sound when running, but the petrol chainsaws tend to be the loudest. The use of muffler helps to reduce the noise when operating the machine. Fortunately, the electric chainsaw is relatively quiet compared to the petrol-run models hence the need for a muffler minimal.

Bucking Spikes

The bucking spikes act as a fulcrum to provide the support needed to make it easier to pivot the electric chainsaw as you operate the machine.

Automatic Oiler

A well-oiled chainsaw is bound to function without a glitch. Oiling the machine can at times be something that people overlook or forget, hence the inclusion of an automatic oiler that takes care of this.

Heated Handles

It may be an optional feature, but it is one that you will be glad that your chainsaw has if you are felling or pruning trees or even chopping firewood on a cold, snowy day.

Carrying Case

Transporting a chainsaw should be done with caution to avoid injuries, which is why the electric chainsaw should come inclusive of a carrying case.

 Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Chainsaw

When thinking of that ideal electric chainsaw to purchase, you need to take into account several key factors that will help you make the right choice. Buying the wrong chainsaw can see you fail to complete the tasks before you and it also plays your safety at risk. Aside from knowing some of the critical features of the chainsaw, you also need to be aware of some of the essential factors that include:

1. Uses

The overall intent of purchasing a chainsaw is to use it to cut or trim trees. However, you need to be aware of the areas of application that fit an electric chainsaw and a petrol one. The difficulties of a particular job govern what type of machine to buy keeping in mind that said particulars vary widely. For instance, trimming a full-grown tree is less tasking that cutting it down and thus the latter may be done using a petrol chainsaw while an electric chainsaw will suffice for the former. In short, the electric chainsaw is a perfect choice for the around-the-house uses. But then again, the frequency of use of the machine influence the size and model of the electric machine to buy.

2. Cord or Cordless

With electric chainsaws, you have the option to buy a corded model or one that is battery-powered. With corded machines have a notable limitation of only be useful if you are within reach of a power outlet. That means that you will be out of luck if you need the machine to work on a tree that is beyond the range of the cord. And this means that you need a cordless model which is widely regarded as the more convenient option of the two. However, the cordless electric chainsaws that run or a rechargeable battery will mean that you need one that has a battery with sufficient voltage to last anywhere between 30 minute and an hour or more. As for the type of battery, you should go for the Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries as opposed to the cheaper varieties – the NiMH (Nickel metal hydride) and NiCad (Nickle-cadmium) types. We prefer to have electric cordles chainsaws for ease of use.

3. Power

The petrol chainsaws are a more powerful option compared to the electric ones. However, matters related to power also touch on the issue of usage or areas of application and mentioned above. And given the fact that the electric chainsaw can be used for light jobs around the home that range from managing the hedge to pruning, trimming and felling small trees. Regarding the power of the electric chainsaws, you will have to consider the amperage for the corded models and the voltage for the ones that are battery-powered.

4. Size

Size and weight other collaret when it comes to the purchase of this cutting equipment. A small-sized electric chainsaw is an ideal choice for doing some of the light work such as pruning and trimming branches or working on the hedge. The large models have more power and will be perfect for jobs such as splitting large logs or felling trees. Regarding size, you also should consider the guide bar length which is measured from the top of the chainsaw to the end of the bar. The longer the guide bar, the better suited the chainsaw is for particular jobs such as cutting big trees and splitting large logs.

5. Cost

The cheapest models of the electric chainsaws have a price tag of around $50, but their pricier counterparts are not that expensive; they cost about $250. The disparity in pricing is subject to the power generated by the machine; the higher the power the high the prices. However, this is not a good enough reason for you to pay more for a particular type of electric chainsaw.

You also should consider the additional features of the tool that help enhance the ease of use. And aside from the buying price of the machine, you also should take into account the ongoing costs associated with the chainsaw you purchase. For instance, the fact that you are using an electric chainsaw means that you will have to contend with increased energy bills.

6. Safety

Given the kind of work the chainsaws are designed for, these are powerful too that are meant to be sharp at all times. If such a machine can bring down a tree, then how much damage can it deal a person! Fortunately, the electric chainsaws are designed to be easier and safer to handle compared to the petrol ones. The inclusion of certain features such as an anti-kickback chain and the chain brake are things worth considering when buying an electric chainsaw. Overall, the safe use of any chainsaw boils down to you understanding how to use it and the regular maintenance required to keep the machine in excellent working condition.

7. Maintenance

Lastly, overlooking the significance of doing basic chainsaw maintenance and letting is slide comes at a cost and risks your safety when using the machine. To have an electric chainsaw that works without any glitches requires you to stay on top of whatever maintenance practices as recommended by the manufacturer. Keeping the chain oils, filing burred edges, removing dust and debris from the bar groove, and storing the electric chainsaw in a case are some of the mandatory maintenance practices.

So there you have it, we hope this post has given you the right information to help you find the best electric cordless chainsaw for your next project.

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