The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Log Splitter

Splitting wood using an axe has never been easy. That is because you are required to use a lot of concentration and energy to do such work, especially if the log you are splitting has a large diameter. Today, splitting wood has become a lot easier thanks to different types of log splitters that are available today. All you have to do is make sure that you get a log splitter that will serve all your wood splitting needs.


 Different Types Of Log Splitters Available In The Market.

There are three different types of log splitters available today. These are manual log splitters, gas log splitters, and electric log splitters. Even though all these machines are used to split wood, what you need to understand is that they do not function the same. Here are basic details on each of these log splitters.

1. Manual Log Splitters.

Manual log splitters are usually preferred by most people because they are not heavy which makes them easy to carry. Moreover, this particular log splitter is powered by a 2-speed pump, which allows you to control how fast the splitter works. Even though manual log splitters are easy to use, they are not suitable for splitting a stock of logs because you will require more effort to get the job done.

2. Gas Log Splitters.

Gas log splitters are not as easy to use as manual log splitters. However, this type of log splitter is considered to be the most powerful since it can be used to split even the toughest logs. Besides, having the ability to split tough logs, gas log splitters also offer a huge splitting capacity, which means they can handle a lot of work within a short period.

The only problem with gas log splitters is that they are very large compared to other log splitters. Because of this reason, most models are designed with wheels so that you can tow your gas log splitter to your desired destination. This is considered to be the safest and easy way of transporting this particular machine. Moreover, you are also required to buy proper ventilation for the gas log splitters since they produce a lot of fumes.

3. Electric Log Splitters.

Electric splitters are small in terms of size, which makes them easy to transport from one area to another. Another great advantage of this type of log splitter is that it does not produce fumes when being used since it relies on electricity as the only source of power. Because of this reason, electric log splitters are convenient to use indoors since they also have a grounding feature to prevent short circuit incidents.

 Factors You Need To Consider When Buying A Log Splitter.

1. The Type Of Wood You Want To Split

To help you determine which log splitter is best for you first, you need to understand the type of wood you will be dealing with. If you will be splitting hardwoods, then you will need a log splitter with enough motor power to split such wood. However, for splitting softwoods you can use a log splitter with less force.

2. Do You Need To Split Wood In Different Places?

If you are planning to split wood in different places, then you might want to consider portability of the log splitter. A portable log splitter will make your work easier since you can go with it to any place where you need to split wood. Moreover, make sure that the model you choose has wheels so that it can be easy to transport to longer distances.

3. Power Source.

Before you get to decide on which log splitter is best for you, it is important that you consider the power source of the machine. Electric log splitters can only be used in places where there is electricity since it is their only source of electricity. As for gas log splitters they use fuel and oil as their main source of power.

4. Splitting Power.

Log splitters do not produce the same amount of force when splitting wood. Some produce less force while others produce a lot of force. This force is usually indicated in tons, which is what you need to look out for when buying a log splitter. A manual log splitter can only offer up to 3 tons of pressure, which is enough for splitting wood at home.

When it comes to electric log splitters, some models are known to offer as much as 10 tons of pressure. You can use such log splitters in your home to split logs for your fireplace. A gas log splitter is considered to be the most powerful since it can offer up to 30 tons of power. This is too much power to use indoors, which is why such a log splitter is used to split thick and big logs.

 Key Features To Look For In A Log Splitter.

1. Steel Construction

The first key feature you should emphasize on when buying a log splitter is how the machine is constructed. Make sure that you invest your money in a log splitter that will serve you for a longer period. Therefore, you might want to invest in a log splitter that is all steel construction. This is the only way you can be sure to get a durable log splitter that will serve you for years.

2. Quick Cycle Times.

If you want to split wood faster, then you might want to buy a log splitter that has fast cycle times. Some log splitters have a ram that takes too long to reset again from the starting point after splitting wood. This only delays the process, causing you to spend more time splitting wood. However, if a log splitter has a fast cycle time, you can expect to split a lot of wood within a short period.

3. Special Features.

When buying a log splitter, you also need to make sure that it has all the necessary features that you need to make work easier. Today, most log splitters are designed with an automatic wedge and ram return feature. This new feature helps you save energy and time since the wedge and ram can reset themselves after splitting the log.

4. Adjustable Features.

Log splitters have the ability to deal with the different sizes of wood. However, having a log splitter that allows you to adjust the height of the plate, give you the privilege of splitting logs that are not of the same size. However, you also need to acknowledge the fact that log splitters usually have three positions for adjusting the height of the plates.

5. Safety Features.

Also, make sure that the log splitter you choose to buy has the following safety features; emergency stop, control levers, advanced handed operation and a swing out feet that is adjustable. Safety features should not be optional. Therefore, make sure that the log splitter you choose to invest in has such safety features.

6. Warranty.

Log splitters usually come with a warranty that lasts for at least twelve months. However, this also depends on the terms and policies of the manufacturer. Having a warranty means you can have your log splitter fixed at no extra cost in case it faces any kind of mechanical issue.


Buying the best power tools for you can be challenging and confusing especially if you do not have an idea of what you are looking for. However, with the help of this ultimate guide, you can be sure to acquire a log splitter that is best for you. Moreover, make sure that you get different quotes of your favorite log splitter from different sellers so that you can get the best offer.

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